Recently, I was given an opportunity to be part of the most amazing project in Bansko, Bulgaria.
Maybe I can€™t compare this experience with something else but I will never regret or forget this experience, for sure.
For almost 10 days I€™ve been staying in the amazing hotel on the hill not that far from Bansko€™s centar, meeting new people, getting to know their culture, and of course through constant non-formal education, led by excellent facilitators, we achieved the main aim of the project.

It didn€™t matter if you came from North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo or Turkey, everyone united to learn something new and do something that matters. This was my fourth project so far and it made a big impact on my everyday life. I finally understood more while listening to other€™s experiences how small things can make a huge difference. Not only the project gave me knowledge, it also gave me an opportunity to meet the most amazing motivated young people. I was given a gift of wonderful friendships, love and warm people. The most surprising thing is that we all were like one big family.

First few days in the project we had icebreakers and team building activities in order to get to know better our team with whom we will spend those 10 days.
In the middle of the project, all participants were focused on social innovation, design thinking and innovative processes and were working on the certain case study problems that was given for each of our group.
During all week we had 2 evenings where national teams represent their own country by sharing games, dances, food, drinks, and knowledge. Also we got wonderful ping-pong tournament and quizzes for some of the countries.

I want to say THANK YOU ALL, for those who organized this project and for those who were there with me and made it more interesting. Thanks to the ERASMUS+ program that we had the opportunity to be participant without any fees and also to organizers who were working to create this possibility to learn more.

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