I€™m learning more everyday!
As we were doing the first task, which was about the characteristics of the youth and the world, I realized how much the things have changed over the course of last years.
We have evolved as humans, we have learnt to accept a lot of things that weren€™t talked about nor considered in the past years.
As the part of the task, we wrote down some of the problems we are facing nowadays, and how we can and should change things for better. Because afterall this is the world we live in and these are the people that surround us.
For me personally, this was not just a simple task that we had to do. This opened my eyes and made me think differently on how far we€™ve come until now and how much we have achieved; and also that we, the people, need to do much more on improving our life, the life of others and the environment.
Today, I also learnt that we must not forget that we are all good at something, and we have give to ourselves and the others space so they can show and develop these skills and competences!

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