Right! Human rights! was an intercultural training course on Human Rights Education directed to youth leaders and youth workers, which was implemented in the most beautiful city of Kosovo – in Prizren.
It brought together 32 youth workers (4 participants from each country) from Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Estonia, Italy, Serbia, Spain and Lithuania to work, learn and share on Human Rights Education.

Through this Training Course we gave the participants the concepts to make Human Rights a concept known by the young people with whom they work with, passing it to their peers functioning as multipliers, fostering mutual respect and understanding.
The projects idea was to empower youth leaders, workers, and trainers working to develop strategies and activities to condemn, know and fight against racism, xenophobia, discrimination and gender-based forms of non-respect.

Objectives of the training course:

  • develop the participants€™ knowledge and competences in key concepts of human rights education with young people;
  • to support young trainers, leader and workers to get practical working experience on Human Rights Education;
  • to familiarize the participants with the approaches of the manuals on human rights education and on how best to use them, adapting them to local contexts and realities;
  • to exchange and share experiences, best practices, ideas and obstacles;
  • to reinforce the network of youth workers and trainers on human rights education;
  • to foster the spreading of the opportunity provided by the European youth mobility programs.

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