Supporting Employability through Self Development – Toolkit from NGO THY

This toolkit brings a compilation of workshops that can be used on different youth activities on the topics of unemployment, employability,
entrepreneurship and intercultural learning.
The toolkit has been created as a result of the intensive work by participants and the trainer€™s team during the Training Course and Seminar
Supporting Employability through Self Development, as well as during the local level workshops.

It is a toolkit made by participants of the project Supporting Employability through Self
– The participants designed and implemented workshops in small groups during the Training in
order to discover and create new tools and methods of non-formal learning.
– The workshops were tested on the rest of the participants, improved and prepared to be published by participants after the training course.
– Participants also tried out these workshops on local follow-up activities and included their
improvements and proposals into this toolkit.
– It serves as a manual for youth workers and youth leaders and it is free of charge.

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