ARKA (Multifunctional Youth Center)

Our Multifunctional Youth Center which takes form as a social enterprise, is a youth friendly space adapted to serve primarily as a space for youth, youth communities, and NGOs who want to increase their skills and expertise in professional and entrepreneurial fields. The Center provides professional trainings to increase the employment and entrepreneurial skills of youth, offer hands-on practical experience in the real labor market, promote entrepreneurship among Youth NGOs and Youth communities, supports youth networking through the functional get together coffee- library, and ensures employment of the trained youth within the space.

Additionally, the center serves as a rental space for other NGOs or entities who want to organize residential or non-residential workshops. The social mission of the Multifunctional Center is to provide skills-building opportunities to the non-majority groups, disadvantaged youth, and young women living in the Prizren Region, inspire them to engage as facilitator, all the while, giving these youngsters direct opportunities for employment within the center, or through the professional training programs which include the practical experience in the labor market in specific fields. As a social business, the center generates income through the rental of space from other youth entities, through the coffee-library income, and through the payed offered trainings as part of our program.

Training Rooms

Several rooms suitable for training and workshops.

Break Room

A break room with self-service cafeteria

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