Erasmus+ and ESC

The NGO THY promotes international youth exchanges within the Erasmus+ program. Young people have the opportunity to participate in intercultural and educational programs in various European countries. Additionally, THY welcomes young people from other countries to share experiences and learn together.

Unlocking Potential of Youth Workers in Western Balkans

Although youth work plays a significant role in equipping young people with the skills that are needed both in the labour market or in education spheres, as well as for their own personal development and well-being it still has not been acknowledged and supported adequately by the Western Balkan (WB) governments. Youth work is a field of practice consisting of a multitude of methods, which address different social challenges, target different groups of young people and contribute to a range of policies. Therefore, the project seeks to foster and boost youth work across the WB region and bring it closer to the EU.


BEYOND project was a cooperation among five European organizations: Youth was introduced with the triangle of:

  1. Identity
  2. National states in Europe
  3. Migrants, as well as with intercultural clash of ‘locals’ and ‘foreigners’ each having different perspectives.

Youth was encouraged to think, discuss and act on demystification of those phenomena while understanding through academical analysis and field experience of partners and experts from respective countries.

The whole is more than the sum of the single parts; extra-ordinary journey into the disabilities

The project “The whole is more than the sum of the single parts; extra-ordinary journey into the disabilities”, is a multi-actions project that involved Italy, Romania, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia. It was addressed to social workers, volunteers and activists dealing with helping relations with young disabled and with young pople with fewer opportunities, refugees and migrants with or without disability.

Make Music, not War

Youth exchange “MAKE MUSIC NOT WAR 3” is a multinational youth exchange of around 50 young people with music and film background from 8 different conflict countries: North Macedonia and Greece, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland and Germany. The goal of the project is to allow youngsters from conflict countries to get to know each other, get to know each other’s music and culture, customs, traditions and food, to become friends and hopefully after the exchange to create even more follow up activities that will involve even more young people in peace building and reconciliation rather than in war.