The YouVolution program is a Non-formal Education Academy, which aims to educate Youth Workers, this program is active since 2022. The program has a total of 6 modules which are developed in a duration of six months. This program enables the creation and strengthening of a complete training cycle through non-formal education methodologies and various practical methods. The program aims to foster different skills and abilities in young people such as: communication and presentation skills, non-formal education concepts, creative and critical thinking, problem solving skills, group work, leadership, social innovation, effective learning and the concepts of a youth worker. High school and university students, starting at the age of 16, will have the opportunity to participate in this program.

The modules are:

  • Module I: Non-formal education
  • Module 2: Communication
  • Module 3: Leadership
  • Module 4: Innovation
  • Module 5: Working with groups
  • Module 6: Youth Workers.